Central military sanatorium "Primorskij" 

Zaporizhzhya region, Primorsk, st.Kurortna 45    

t/fax +38(06137)7-32-40  +38(066)125-29-08  +38(098)105-56-59  vks-primorsk@i.ua

Our requisites for payment of permits and services: ЦВС "Приморский" 72102 Запорожская обл. Primorsk, ul.Kurortnaya d.45, b / s

31251261298509 in the UGKSU in the Primorsky district of the Zaporozhye region. MFO 820172; EGRPOU 26615207.

Rilskij AS

 Chief physician


Rylsky A.S.

We will be glad to surround You with care and attention. With us You can relax and be forces. Our specialists will provide quality treatment of respiratory and nervous system.




Kapenkin M. V.

Friendly and professional staff will give You healthy and tasty food. Four separate halls, at Your service. Each of the calories, under the supervision of experts, aims to purify and rejuvenate Your body.


Klimenko NN

Head club


Klimenko N. N.

Unforgettable entertainment for every taste. At Your service, a huge beach - 151 m, children's Playground, library, club, summer terrace, terrace with sea views, a cinema, cafes, gym and much more.

Ціни на проживання та додаткові послуги в ЦВС"Приморському" на 2018 рік.

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